48 techniques of okinawa karate (part II)


elbow lock

Gichin Funakoshi used term "koma nage" in his Karate do kyohan. Similar drawing also exists in Bubishi.

Koma nage can be used as counter to wrist grab, also it is very effective controlling technique used after shocking strike or kick.

Tips: Grab opponents cloth instead of just pressing. This is more secure method. 

Reference kata: Anan, Passai, Kushanku


head manipulation take down

Gichin Funakoshi named this technique "kubiwa" - "around the neck". Similar drawing also exists in Bubishi.

Kubiwa is easy to learn technique. It is logical choice when you parry opponents kick or strike on outer side.

Tips: Grab opponentís hair and press your hand against his nose, using your fingers to poke his eyes.

Reference kata: Passai, Kushanku


to hammer down

Gichin Funakoshi named this technique "sakutsachi" - "to hammer down". Similar drawing also exists in Bubishi.

This technique requires a lot of strength. You can use this throw as an escape from

Tips: Attempt to reach with your hand between his legs as far as it is possible. Try to hold his belt on a back.

Reference kata: Kushanku

"great wheel"

In Karate do kyohan this technique is called katawaguruma and I suppose that this name comes from Japan. 

This technique also requires a lot of strength. This throw is best suitable when opponent tries to push, choke or wrestle with you. 

Tips: Arm press against his groin will help you lift him much easier.

Reference kata: Kushanku, Anan



leg holding throw

In Karate do kyohan this technique is called yoridama, but unfortunately it is demonstrated completely wrong.

Yoridama is used as defense against a kick. You should catch a leg with one arm and parry his punch with other. This technique is also found in ancient manuscript Bubishi.

Tips: Donít try to sweep him down (this is sport karate version), instead perform quick counter clockwise turn with your rear leg. This will throw your opponent on head.

Reference kata: Passai



shoulder throw

Tani otoshi is one of the most popular throws in Judo. Illustration is found in Karate do Kyohan and in Bubishi.

Best situation to use this throw is when opponent is behind your back trying to choke you or when he is in front of you holding your hair, neck or sleeves.

Tips: You can throw your opponent in several different ways - over your shoulder, over your hips or just pull him over your legs.

Reference kata: Passai



choke hold

I had an opportunity to feel this hold on several seminars with Okinawan teachers. You can perform it when you are behind your opponent or when you are at his side. You should always use shock strike before attempting to make this hold.

Tips: Hide your face. Opponent will try to scratch you or hit you.

Reference kata: Passai



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